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Place + Time + People

What is Terroir ?

Terroir is the characteristic "flavor", imparted to a wine,
by the "Environment" in which it is produced.

Terroir is a reference to the whole ecology of a vineyard AND the "flavor" this ecology promotes in the wines made from its fruit. A vineyard's ecology includes more elements than one could possibly describe, that come together in complex ways to create grapes with inimitable composition and wines with their own unique personality.  This ecology includes a vineyard's static Environment (Place), including its soils, meso-climate, elevation, aspect, microbiome, and other obvious site elements.  However, it also includes the Vintage (Time)... the environmental conditions delivered by Mother Nature in a given year, as well as the Winegrower's decisions (People) that can also influence the environment the vines see.  Simply put, Terroir is the "flavor" of a Place, from a moment in Time, that was shaped by the hand of the People.

Place          Time          People