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Diversity + Sustainability + Purity + Magic

Élevée Winegrowers is a "Study in Terroir". Élevée is French for "elevated" and is a reference to the importance of our elevated vineyard sites that all fall within a narrow elevation band ranging from 450ft to 800ft... the sweet spot in the Willamette Valley. We are Winegrowers... because to us, our growing decisions are Winemaking decisions. Our Winemaking begins early in the year, in the vineyard, months before any grapes reach our winery facility. All our vineyards are LIVE Certified Sustainable or Demeter Certified Biodynamic, we are "dry-farmed", full cover, "no-till", and we do not use any herbicides.

Our ultimate goal is to introduce you to the most beautiful, dramatic, and wonderfully diverse personalities of Pinot noir and German Origin Whites from Oregon's Willamette Valley.  To achieve this we have identified, and continue to identify, the most diverse and dramatic environments to grow our grapes, that promise to deliver wines with the most diverse and dramatic expressions.  We then carefully farm our vineyards and handle our wines in ways that capture the purest expression of each site.  ALL our Winegrowing decisions are guided by this singular focus... "Purity".  We don't try to force the wines made from each vineyard to look the way we think they should. Instead, like any good parent, we provide the support and encouragement necessary, so they may become what they are intrinsically meant to be... and the guidance to become their best selves.  We want to bring "Magic" to the World... unique and interesting wines with character and soul, that engage, inspire, and surprise.  Although we never stray from this singular focus, the way we farm and the way we handle and age our wines continues to change and evolve as we continue to discover better ways to expose and render each site's unique and distinctive flavors.


él•e•vée  /el-uh-vay/
(french) feminine, adjective
1.  elevated or high.

(english) noun
1.  A Person involved in the Entire process of making a wine, from tending vines to bottling.
2. A Person that is both "Winemaker" and "Grower".
3.  A Vigneron.