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Élevée Winegrowers

The Story

As a Viticulture & Enology Graduate Student at UC Davis back in 2004, Tom designed a Pinot Noir Study to better understand the influence of Clone and Rootstock on Phenolic Composition (i.e. Color and Texture). Vineyards located in some of California’s most diverse environments were studied. The results of the study were quite unexpected… there was no clear relationship between Clone, Rootstock, and Phenolic Composition... “environment” appeared to be the primary driver of phenolic differences. At that moment, Tom understood that a desired wine flavor profile could be best achieved through the careful selection of vineyard environment and the concept for Élevée Winegrowers' “Study In Terroir” was born.


él•e•vée  /el-uh-vay/
(french) feminine, adjective
1.  elevated or high.